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The Full Story

Here To Make An Impact

We combine our Welsh and Nordic heritage to deliver an entrepreneurial spirit, finding solutions for our clients with a clear vision and effective strategy. We want to work with you in building strong relationships with policymakers, organisations and businesses that matter to you.

We've spent time developing long-term relationships and we intend to continue doing so. We understand that there will be times when we are needed more than others which is why we've developed tools & techniques that are specific to our clients needs. We can work in a very hands-on way – leading the communications programme, meeting the stakeholders and providing feedback; or we can provide intelligence, advice, messaging and collateral to support your people on a communications programme led by them. We choose our clients carefully and will only work with companies who are doing good things to make the world a better place, and with people who share our values.

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Understanding our clients' business challenges is our top priority. We help our clients develop solutions with a holistic point of view. Providing them with insights into social and political processes to promote, influence, and gain support for their stories, issues and interests.


We strive for the excellence in everything that we do.  We bring a creative approach to every project, offering innovative solutions that our clients may not have the resources to develop or implement alone. Ensuring that our solutions are of the highest professional quality, our ambition drives us to always deliver the best possible outcome. 

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We ensure that our clients understand the impact of policy and politics on their organisations and work with them to strategically reach their goals.

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Our Nordic Principles

We're committed to the Nordic principles of transparency and honesty, refusing to mince our words and get straight to the point.








Commitment & Passion


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