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Where Ideas
& People Meet

Unlocking Potential In Our Industries

Our expertise lies in connecting people, public administration, political campaigns, and strategic communication to help clients achieve their goals.

How We Work

Clear and precise, without hesitation

We're committed to the Nordic principles of transparency and honesty, refusing to mince our words, getting straight to the point.

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Good governance is foundational to delivering on our promises, serving the public interest, and building and protecting trust with our clients. We are thoughtful about the company we keep and are committed to our shared values and responsible business practices.

Risby is made up of experts from all backgrounds and cultures. Undisputed leaders and visionaries who dare to challenge and push boundaries. We strive to serve our clients with the highest level of quality, integrity, and innovation to help them meet some of their biggest challenges.


Global Reach

Get the reach, influence and perspective you need!

Risby Consulting is part of the Risby Consulting Group, a growing strategic communications and public affairs consultancy with a European network.

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